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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the studio located?

95 Ostrich Farm Road, Pukekohe, 2676 Auckland, NZ  

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How do I get to the studio?

There is no public transportation. You need a car or other vehicle to get to the Studio. For the GPS location, see the link here.

Can I buy materials from you?

Yes you can if they are available. Check our range of suggested materials here. As the cost changes, based on our suppliers, please send us an email with the materials we would like to purchase and we’ll let you know if they are available and at what cost.

Can I come to the studio whenever I want?

No. We are open for scheduled courses and for Club members according to the time table. To arrange an introduction appointment, call 021-385-389 to arrange a visit.

What are the opening hours?

Click here for our opening Hours. To arrange a meeting, please call us in advance.

Who are the tutors?

Each course has a different tutor. Based on their expertise and skills.  

What courses do you provide?

The list of courses are changing and updating from time to time based on demand and tutors availability. Click here to see our available courses. If you want to get more information, please register to our Newsletter below.

Who can register to our courses?

Any adults from age 16-120 can register, provided that they can come to the studio.

Do I need to have previous experience to register for your courses?

Some courses ask that you’ll have previous experience. However, most of our courses do not require any. Our Stable Art Studio classes are specially designed for complete beginners. Check it out here or call us at 021-385-389 and we’ll assist you to decide which class is best fit for you.

Can I join classes free of charge?

You will be asked to pay for your classes. However, from time to time we’ll offer ‘Open Day’ where you can register in advance. This 1-2 hours class is to introduce you with what the course has to offer only. Call us to arrange an Open Day class or check here our special events list.

What will I gain by joining your Member Club?

Club members can come twice a week for 2-3 hours, for free style classes. These classes are not structured like the dedicated courses and are open only to members, allowing access to materials from the range used in some of the courses. They’ll get some guidance from the staff member in charge. It is not a One-on-One class but allows the space and freedom to create art in a dedicated welcoming environment with friends.

Who can register to the Members Club?

Only people who previously joined and finished one or more courses, and paid in advance for the membership, can become members.

How can I get more help?

If you didn’t find answer to your question below, you can send us an email to:


As Art is an ability we were born with, and since it is embedded in our DNA, it should be approachable for anyone at any age.

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