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About Us


The Stable Art Studio is an independent art school located on the edge of the Pukekohe town, within easy access by car.

Founded by Artist and tutor Hadas Carmy and partner Roeland Simons in 2019, the Studio offers a selection of short art courses for adults 16-120 who wish to develop their experience of drawing, painting, and other selected courses.

In The Stable Studio, we teach our students practical skills as well as encouraging creative thinking, enabling each student to find his internal individual artistic voice, without imposing any specific stylistic interpretation.

We are developing The Stable Studio as a place accommodating different Art mediums and Artists, allowing space for personal development. Our approach is to provide spaces for individuals to expose themselves and their skills to the public.

We are also starting to develop an Art Gallery which will be assisting local Artists and Students exhibitions taking their first steps in the Art world.

Whatever your creative goal is, we look forward to working with you.


Our aim is to create a place for all people no matter what level they are at, to create and establish themselves as internal self-confident artists, in a place like no other.

Our Commitment


The Stable Studio is an Art School; however, we created an environment which gives our students the freedom to find their inner souls and creativity, embedded in each one of us from birth.

For hundreds of years, the Art world was surrounded with mystery wrapped in secrets, open for only outstanding individuals, with no real justification. Our ancestors used to use art as a daily tool, whether in their rituals or in their celebrations and on their day to day equipment.

Somewhere, along the line, art became an occupation. The fun of creation was taken out of it, and one was allowed only to follow “the norm”. This created the confines and taught us that you need a specific talent in order to be able to perform certain arts.

We, in The Stable Studio, want to break this ‘Glass Tower’ and show you that anyone can be an Artist – you just have to start. After one class, you’ll be surprised what was dormant inside your soul.

We emphasize providing quality, accessible, professional art courses, providing constructive personal feedback and encouragement.

We are committed to helping artists of all levels overcome their struggles and truly discover their authentic, personal voice and create their BEST art.

We want our students to be able to reinterpret, and incorporate their experiences and personal stories into their art.

Art is an ability we were born with and since it is embedded in our DNA, it should be approachable for anyone at any age.

Our Vision

Whether you consider yourself a complete beginner or a more experienced Artist, at the Stable Studio we provide opportunities for the wider community to fulfill their creative potential as artists.

We are offering our students instruction in the fundamental skills of drawing and painting, using different mediums and assist them with tools to develop their visual observation skills and structure visual elements to successfully transfer their ideas into selected surfaces, as well as introducing them to diverse materials, tools and mediums and assist each one to find the best ways of using them, aiming to develop their own voice as an artist.

Our Team

Hadas Carmy

Founder/Co-Owner and CEO

Roeland Simons

Co-Owner and GM

Suzette van Dorsser

Leading Tutor, Visual Artist

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