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Join us in a journey to discovering your inner ‘You’ by creating the art you always dreamed of!

Experience our range of mediums and techniques, on the path to findinng your inner style.

Choose from painting, drawing, pottery and mosaic classes.

You can select one of the courses from our program range and start to achieve your dream of creating quality, meaningful Artwork you always longed for.

  • Start your journey as a novice student with our Stable Art Studio– this 10 weeks plan allows you to get the tools you were looking for with an easy, step-by-step perfectly designed for people with limited or no previous experience at all.

  • Learn Mosaic techniques and secrets to gain confidence in your Art.

  • Join us for a journey to find our ancestors' way of life in a fun easy-to-make Ancient Pottery.

  • Become a member ‘Club’ and enjoy the freedom of creating Art Projects in a dedicated place with a tutor's guidance and advice to get you to your goal

I am enjoying my art classes although I'm not very good at it. I find I can completely switch off from everything else when at the class which is great relaxation.


Rotary Pukekohe

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The Stable Studio is a place for fulfilling art wishes and ‘A Dreams Come True’.

For decades Hadas, who spent many years in the IT world, wanted to return to her first love and have her own Art Space, which can provide a place for all art lovers next to home.

An opportunity arose soon after she joined Roeland on his farm, and together they decided to transfer a deserted Stables into an Art Center, with the aim to serve the greater Franklin region and beyond.

‘The Stable Studio’ is located in an inspiring place just north of Pukekohe, surrounded by nature, providing a perfect relaxing and inviting environment to start your Art journey.

The Stable Studio is a place for novice artists and intermediate artists, people with no experience at all who want to find a different relaxing way to express themselves to people with some experience who wish to deepen their knowledge and learn the basics and new techniques to elevate their artwork to the next level.

The Stable Studio is a place for beginners and intermediate artists.

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